Camera Lucida by Charles Chevalier. c1835

Camera Lucida by Charles Chevalier. c1835

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A fine Camera Lucida by Charles Chevalier.


This the best Lucida we've seen. The instrument and box are in Fine original condition.


Instrument made by the famous Parisian instrument maker Charles Chevalier. In its' original fitted box with 9 lenses and 2 polarised  lenses.


On the mounting bracket there is an inscription in french: “Charles Chevalier, Ingenieur Opticien, Palais Royal, 163 Paris”. 

The instrument and the prism are in good shape. Box has black leather exterior (small crack near hinge) and cream coloured suede interior.(slightly grubby)

Measurements of the box: 38 x 14 x 5 cm, Weighs (in box) 1.464kg.


Accurate, Practical, precision instrument with a wide range of lenses, telescopic slide tube construction. Permits the smallest reductions with complete clarity. 


Charles Louis Chevalier (1804-1859) 

Traded at Palais Royal, galerie de Valois 163 (1842)  Paris, France. 

Worked independently of father, Jacques Louis Vincent Chevalier, business reunited in 1841. 

Succeeded by Louis Marie Arthur Chevalier in 1859.


Optics was in the history of the Chevaliers. The family was responsible for creating the first useful achromatic objectives used in microscopes. According to the University of Vermont, the Chevaliers also found out how to control spherical aberrations.


Charles Louis Chevalier was the son of a famous optician, Jacques-Louis-Vincent. He was obliged, based on 18th to 19th century tradition, to follow the same career. He inherited the skills of an optician, but later on, Charles was no longer determined to be under his father’s business.



In 1851, Chevalier then co-founded the Société Héliographique, the first photographic society, and spent the rest of his remaining years producing lenses and publishing manuals for photography. The Chevalier name continued to make fame and accomplishments, even at the hands of his son, Louis-Marie Arthur.

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