Neurosurgical Trephine Set

Neurosurgical Trephine Set

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An early twentieth century, antique trepanning set by Hauptner in a presentation case. 

All instruments made of polished steel, they are original and in an good condition.


The tools, apart from the trephine (which is undoubtedly original) and the case are labeled "Hauptner” 

It contains a trephine handle with two attachments, each with their own retractable centre pin (to anchor the bit, but prevent damage to brain tissue during drilling). 

A bone chisel, two lenticulars, an elevator and a hand drill (used to tap the skull manually). 


The case has a purple velvet and silk lining and measures:  25 x 14 x 4cm. Weighs: 946 grams 


In March 1857 the surgical instrument maker Hans Hauptner opened a workshop in Berlin, in which he manufactured Veterinarian/Medical instruments. 

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