Horse cane

Horse cane

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An elegant bronze cane sculpted in the shape of a horse's head and neck giving you a crook shaped handle. Mounted on either a wood or aluminium shaft

Suitable for use on most formal occasions. Please note that the bronze head and aluminium shaft are heavier than other canes and should be handled with care. 

Our exclusive fashion canes are designed and sculpted by Robert Hooke and Tricia Osborne. These high-quality portrait heads are traditionally cast in real foundry bronze. All canes include a discreet chamber for keepsake or memorial use.

Shaft type and colours available:

  • Aluminium - Black
  • ​Aluminium - Red
  • ​Aluminium - Blue
  • Wood - Oak

Each one features a unique, precision-engineered compartment that allows you a fitting way to remember your faithful companion. 


  • Luxury fashion cane
  • A beautiful gift that can be passed down the generations
  • Real Bronze head cast using traditional lost wax method
  • Individually patinated and hand-finished
  • Original Horse design sculpted by Tricia Osborne
  • Artists’ name impressed on bronze head
  • Memorial chamber: Anodised aluminium 40mm x 15mm, Wood 24mm x 15mm        
  • Overall height approximately 105cm
  • Overall weight:  aluminium approximately 1235 grams, Wood approximately 588 grams
  • Brass collar
  • Decorative box

Due to the handmade nature of this product, all weights and heights are approximate and may vary slightly.

The wood grain and colour will differ on each shaft as it is a natural product.

Our canes are designed to be accessories not for orthopaedic use.

Please remember to choose shaft colour from the drop down menu above the 'Add to Basket' button.




A Rare Breed, something special, something unique, something memorable. 

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