Tricia Osbornes' Green and Pleasant Land - Colouring Book

Tricia Osbornes' Green and Pleasant Land - Colouring Book

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  • Publisher: Matador 
  • ISBN: 978-1788037464
  •  Paperback: 96 pages

Tricia Osborne’s Green and Pleasant Land

A colouring book nature-trail through countryside and garden


This book will appeal to all ages that have advanced beyond the entry-level colouring books.

If you love to colour and you love the English countryside with its fauna and flora, then this book is for you.


For this collection the author has used many of her sketchbooks of drawings as a starting point. These have been accumulated as reference material for her pastel work and have inspired many of the illustrations that she has now created for you to colour.

There are a variety of images – seventy-eight in total. Each illustration has an insect, bird or animal depicted. Some are traditional compositions as you might expect to see in a painting. Others rely more on design and pattern. All are drawn with a strong emphasis on traditional draftsman-ship and attention to detail.


The book is in two halves. The first half takes you on ‘a countryside ramble’. Here you’ll find a rare-breed Gloucester Old Spot pig munching apples under the spreading apple tree. Hares peeping out of a meadow of daisies and buttercups, and a cockerel perched on an old rabbit hutch keeping an eye on his hens below.

The second half invites you to take ‘a stroll in the garden’ where rabbits wait outside the cottage garden gate – the cottage door surrounded by roses and hollyhocks, butterflies and bees. A cat sits patiently by the side of a pond watching the goldfish swim between water lilies and a frog hides among the spring flowers.

Finally after all that rambling and strolling – when you reach the last page – you are invited to ‘relax with a nice cup of tea’.


The drawings range in complexity and therefore how long they will take to colour. Some are fairly straightforward to colour whilst others are complex and detailed. They are primarily designed for coloured pencils.


The paper is a good quality white 140gsm, perfectly suited to pencils but it should be noted that there could be bleed-through with some of the felt pens – so please test before you start. The pages are printed on both sides.

The cover of the book is coloured using pencils and gives an idea just how versatile they can be. You can achieve intense colours or subtle tones and have the ability to blend and add shading.


There are no rules for colouring this book, so just pick an image that you like and fill in as much or as little as you like. Don’t be overwhelmed with what looks like a complicated picture, just pick out one flower or a particular section and colour that in. It could be that you’ll limit the range of colours you use - for example by only using greens and blues in a picture. The choice is yours.

The pictures are intended to be appealing and attractive to look at, so that after the enjoyment of colouring, you are left with a finished piece that is unique to you.

The aim is not for this to be difficult, but for this to be fun and for the activity to be pleasureable. Many say they have found that focusing on colouring can be very rewarding and can be so relaxing that it calms the mind . . . and we can all do with a bit of that!

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