Cairn Memorial Base

Cairn Memorial Base

Bronze Cairn base

Our Bronze cairn contains a chamber for memorial or keepsake use.

Instructions for access to chamber:

To access the chamber, undo the wing nut within the bronze base taking care not to turn the head against the base as you may scratch the sculpture. This will remove the head from the base. If you see other nuts on the long bolt, leave these in place as they are used to adjust the height of the bronze head and have been placed in position. Unscrew this whole brass section from the head (leaving the nuts). There may be a small residue of ‘grog’ - a white plaster-like material that was used in the casting process and although care is taken to remove this in manufacture, occasionally some remains. Remove the screw cap (you may need a pair of pliers). Place contents in the chamber. Replace the screw cap taking care not to cross-thread and then tighten. Re-assemble the connector within the head and join the head to the base remembering to only turn the wing nut.

Memorial chamber measures approximately 24mm deep x 15mm diameter.