Memorial Chamber

Memorial Chamber

How to access the hidden chamber


The design of the bronze heads features a unique precision-engineered chamber that can be used for memorial purposes or to enclose a small keepsake.

The cylindrical chamber comes with a screw cap and is part of the connector joining the head to the shaft or base.



Fashion Canes with a wooden shaft, the chamber measures approximately 24mm deep x 15mm diameter and with the aluminium shaft the chamber is approximately 40mm x 15mm.

To access the chamber, unscrew the bronze head from the cane shaft. There may be a small residue of ‘grog’ - a white plaster-like material that was used in the casting process and although care is taken to remove this in manufacture, occasionally some remains. Remove the screw cap (you may need a pair of pliers). Place contents in the chamber. Replace the screw cap taking care not to cross-thread and then tighten. Re-assemble the collar and head.