Captain America Shield

Captain America Shield

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Full size Prop replica of the Captain America shield.

Two sheets of Aircraft Aluminium bonded together with detailed front and rear. 

This is quite a substantial replica, not like the single skin shields made of plastic. the manufacturers claim it can bear 200kgs in weight.

Adjustable Full grain leather straps on rear for a more comfortable fit.

Surface has been treated with an automotive anti corrosion treatment.


This is the best replica shield we've seen. you won't be disappointed.

Display stand also included.  

Shield is 60cm diameter and weighs 3.5kg

The perfect CON-SAFE accessory to take to your next Comic Con or event. 
Or you could just hang it on your wall and be the envy of all your friends. Either way its' pretty cool. 
Play safe for kids (big or small). This is a must have for any pop culture fan, collector, or enthusiast! Enjoy hours of fun with family or friends with our foam Cosplay weapon replicas. 


  • It is totally safe and secure for children and a great item for Cosplay or conventions. Great for use in LARP events.
    Join the growing army of participants called cosplayers who wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character from Anime, Manga, Movies, Comics, or TV shows.